Steve Watson
14 minutes read
Dec 22 2021

Fresh Powerful Scripts and Templates for Real Estate Agents

 Powerful Scripts and Templates for Realtors

If you have worked in the real estate business for any amount of time, you might find that your regular scripts and templates for reaching out to leads and current clients are feeling bland and lacking in excitement. If you don’t feel your messages are interesting, then why should your leads? This article will give you some ideas for freshening up your communications to encourage conversation, thus bringing in more opportunities for closings, profits, and the exponential growth of your business through word-of-mouth and happy clients.

Script for a Discount Broker or Objection Handler

This can be used for leads that prefer email over using the phone for rebuttals.


Possible Subject Line: The Importance of Avoiding Discount Brokerage Firms


Hello (name),

Your primary goal is to get the most money for your home. Full-service brokerage firms apply their knowledge to every available tool to reach the greatest number of buyers who might be interested in your home.


Discount brokerages, however, save money by only using a select number of tools. This can cost you a large chunk of the sale of your home by not exposing the listing to enough potential buyers.


Buyers know that they can low-ball their offer on homes when a seller only has a few services as a result of using a discount brokerage firm. All this comes together to get you less than you deserve for your home.


We all know that the market is not as strong as we would like during this time, which means that you should aim for the most exposure possible. We can help get you there.

Script for a Yearly Follow-Up

It is important to follow up with your closing clients regularly to ensure that they are still happy in their home and to keep you at the forefront of their minds as they speak about the buying/selling process to their friends and families.


Possible Subject Line: Happy Home Anniversary!


Hello (name),

Congratulations on the one-year anniversary of closing on your new home! I hope that the past year has allowed you to settle in and become comfortable in your house and neighborhood.


If there is anything you need or any questions that have arisen over the past year, always feel free to reach out.


Real estate builds its foundation on relationships of trust, as you know from wanting to search out someone trustworthy to help you on your journey. As your friends and family go about their own searches, I would be honored if you passed along my information or if you would like to send me theirs (with their permission, of course).

Script for a Seller Lead

Sellers are going to be motivated by getting the best price for their homes. Invite them to discuss over coffee for the added benefit of building a relationship.


Possible Subject Line: Hot Off the List


Hello (name),

There’s a trend happening in your neighborhood; all homes are selling for more than anyone expected! Buyers are grabbing up homes as fast as they can.


I’ve drawn up a report for similar listings to your home; how is (time) on (day) at (place) near your home to show you what your home could go for? I think you’ll be very pleased and I would love to help you get what you deserve for your home.

Script for a Lender Referral

Although many people find the home shopping process exciting and enjoyable, the step of securing a lender and establishing financing is often stressful and complicated. A script like this can make it easier.


Possible Subject Line: Trustworthy, Reputable Lenders


Hello (name),
Last week we spoke about the next step of securing a lender for your home purchase; I’ve put together a list of the ones I trust through working with them in the past. (Include websites, email addresses, and pre-approval forms, if applicable.)


Choose a couple and make notes of the programs they offer and if their communication makes you comfortable.


Once you know how much purchasing power you have to work with, we can begin the best part: looking for your new home!


Let me know how you feel after speaking with a few of these lenders.

Script for a Listing Feedback

This email will help you procure the necessary information about your buyer’s needs and wants during the home buying process.


Possible Subject Line: Listing Check-In


Hello (name),

I am checking in about the listings I sent over in/on (past time frame). Were there any homes on the list that caught your interest or that you have questions about? I can also send those listings via paper mail if it’s easier for you to view them that way.


I hope this list gives you a good idea about what is currently on the market. I am available to get together (time frame) to see any of these homes or others that pop up.


Until we can tour your favorite homes together, I will continue compiling and sending the newest listings that show the most potential for your needs. Feel free to update me with any changes to your neighborhood, price point, or “must-have” list.

Script for Reconnecting with a Past Client

It happens to the best of agents: losing touch with a client that could have been a great source of referrals and future business. All it takes is one follow-up to reconnect and get the relationship moving forward again.


Possible Subject Line: Reconnecting


Hello (name),

I hope you and your family have been doing well in the past (time frame) since (buying/selling) your home at/on (location). I’m sorry we haven’t been in closer communication since then.


What has come up that I can help you with? If you need a home appraisal or would like to add any value to your home through updates or expansions, I can get you started on that process. I have a wide variety of trusted contacts of contractors, interior designers, and landscapers to bring the best curb appeal and positive energy to your home.


As you know, real estate is about relationships. If anyone you know is considering buying or selling their home, I would be honored to guide them along their journey as well. Referrals are always appreciated treated with the utmost attention.


I’ll be in touch here and there; always feel free to reach out as well.

Script for a Follow-Up with a New Lead

Sometimes a lead would like to communicate via one avenue over another. You can send two messages at the same time and ask which one they prefer.


Possible Subject Line: Email or Text?


Hello (name),

Checking in to see if you received the text I sent about your search for a new home. Which is better for communicating: email or text? If you have an updated number or address for either, feel free to send it over.


We would be honored to be your primary resource for any real estate questions or concerns. What types of homes are you looking for and how can we help you?

Script for a Follow-Up with a Primary Showing

A timely follow-up is one of the most important things to securing a client. They want to know that you are available and ready to help them in any capacity.


Possible Subject Line: Showing Follow-Up


Hello (name),

It was a pleasure to go along with you to view the first set of homes on your journey to purchasing. Here is my professional take on what we saw. (Insert your assessments one by one, detailing positives and negatives about each home.)


Remember, though, that although I have years of experience studying market trends, what really matters is your feel of these potential homes and how they will work for your situation and family. My opinion can simply give you an objective perspective that can help process the inevitable blur of homes that comes with looking for an extended period of time.


I’ve added a few more homes to think about. How does (date/time/place) work to go see these additions?

Script for a Follow-Up with a Seller

Once you’ve initially connected with a lead, the follow-up can really secure the client. A great way to do this is with a free home evaluation report for their home on the market.


Possible Subject Line: Connecting to Sell


Hello (name),

It was great to talk (on day/date) about the process and potential of selling your home. I take pride in making this process as seamless and enjoyable as possible for every client I have. Are you still thinking that (discussed timeline) is when you’d like to have it on the market?


One thing I can do to help you is to create a free custom home value report. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns I can address while I am preparing this, and I will get in touch with you as soon as it is finished.

Script for a Testimonial Review

Testimonials are a strong way to show potential clients that others you have worked with were satisfied and successful.


Possible Subject Line: Testimonial Offer


Hello (name),

I hope that some of the potential homes I have been sending you are garnering your interest in the current market! Here is a blog post explaining the market trends in more detail and how you can make sure to be in the best position to buy.


Although the decision on which home to purchase is essentially yours, sometimes many negotiations happen between the agents themselves. Here is a testimonial from a client I closed with (on/in date) that shows how I handle these situations and how my skills can benefit you and your family.


(Insert testimonial(s).)

You can see many more like this on my website and I am always happy to answer any questions or concerns that come up. I look forward to working with you!

Script for a Referral Request

The best way to grow your business exponentially each year is through referrals. These don’t always happen though, unless you take the first step in asking!


Possible Subject Line: Referral Request


Hello (name),

I hope you and your family have been settling in nicely to your new home. It was a pleasure working with you and I would be honored if you passed my information on to any of your friends or family members who are looking for a real estate agent.


Agent services go far beyond buying and selling homes, so here is a list of my services to get you thinking about how I could help others in your life.

(List the services you provide.)


If there is something unique that you or anyone you know might need help with, feel free to ask! If I can’t offer my skills, I probably know someone who can.

Script for a Listing Request

After you provide listings, you will want to converse further to understand exactly what your client needs or does not want.


Possible Subject Line: Listing Follow-Up


Hello (name),

Checking in about the listing set I sent over (on/in past time frame). What homes did you love and which ones didn’t quite fit with what you were looking for?


I am available (date and time) to see any homes that you would like to explore further. I have immediate access to any home on the market, so I will continue to compile lists for what you let me know you are interested in.

Script for Recruiting a New Agent

Recruiting new agents can help you set up a team as your business grows.


Possible Subject Line: Discovering Your Potential


Hello (name),

Real estate is about connections and professional development as much as it is about the skills of buying and selling homes. I would love to get together and chat on a professional level; no pressure to join the team!


It’s always important to keep ideas at the forefront of what skills you have that can be beneficial to your career and how others in your community can help you. I’m here to mentor you. You can bounce ideas off of me as you decide where you want to go.

Script for a Home Evaluation Request

When you are offering the service of home valuations, it needs to be done as soon as possible to secure your lead.


Possible Subject Line: Potential Value of Your Home


Hello (name),

Are you still thinking about the amount of money you could make by selling your home? I’ve done an initial market analysis of your neighborhood and homes similar to yours and I can’t wait to share with you the potential I’ve found.


Does (day/time/place) work for you to discuss your home’s potential and possible next steps?

Script for a Follow-Up Contact with a Passive Buyer

There are many times where the initial contact is not what grabs a client’s attention, but the second one seals the deal.


Possible Subject Line: Interest in (Area)


Hello (name),

It was great to speak with you initially (past time frame). It is smart to get your ducks in a row and research plenty of information before you are actually ready to jump in! Purchasing a home is a big decision.


I’ve set you up to receive listings every (day/week/month). If there is anything that has changed regarding what you’d like to see, just let me know and I can adjust it as often as you’d like.

Script for an Annual Home Sales Report

When you are offering an annual report for home sales, you can be simple and direct.


Possible Subject Line: Annual Updates


Hello (name),

Each year I pull together a direct report with statistics and analysis regarding market trends and I send this out to all my customers. I hope some of this information interests you!


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about how the current market can affect your decision to buy or sell your home.

Script for Non-Responsive Leads

Oftentimes leads don’t respond right away but giving them a time frame in which to respond to an opportunity can elicit a response.


Possible Subject Line: Have You Changed Your Mind?


Hello (name),
I sent over an offer (past time frame) regarding the home (details). Most people respond to offers within 10-15 minutes, so I was surprised not to hear from you!

If you are still interested, I will be able to honor an additional (discount) off of the original offer, but only if you respond within the next 48 hours. Otherwise, I will remove you from all communication to stay in line with CAN-SPAM regulations and to make sure that we are not cluttering up your inbox or making a negative impression.


You are always welcome to get back into contact if your situation changes; however, I hope to hear from you today or tomorrow regarding this current offer.

Script for a Follow-Up from an Open House

It is important to have a template for each type of communication, and an open house is no different.


Possible Subject Line: Dream Location Possibility


Hello (name),

It was so nice to meet you at the open house for (address). Would you like to see more homes in this neighborhood? This is a desirable area but I know that I can find you something perfect in your price range, as my experience and skills have proven successful in markets just like this in the past.


To make sure we are going about the journey with everything we need to know, I’d love to get an idea of your must-haves and must-not-haves. I can also share with you my plan and process to make sure we are a good fit.

Script for Cold Buyer Leads (Coming Soon Preview)

When there are leads that don’t seem interested, piquing their interest with a “coming soon” in a competitive neighborhood can change someone’s mind quickly.


Possible Subject Line: Potential Availability in (area)!


Hello (name),

If you are still interested in (area), you’re in luck! I’ve just received word of a potential new listing that hasn’t even made it on the official market yet and I want to make sure you know about it!


Please reply as soon as possible if you would like more details.


Your communications should always have the feeling you give when speaking in person. Your leads and clients should recognize your voice in the message. Although having a script or template is helpful in that you don’t have to expend as much mental energy to recreate the wheel every time, no one wants to feel that they are receiving a cookie-cutter message.

Alter each email, text, or phone call you send with individual details that make a client or lead feel remembered and valued. Always end with your personal signature and information.