Steve Watson
10 minutes read
Dec 9 2021

Templates for Successful Real Estate Prospecting

 Successful Real Estate Prospecting Templates

You may have heard that real estate prospecting letters are no longer a viable avenue for connecting with leads and turning them into closing clients. However, if done right, they can still be a valuable tool to help you connect with a variety of people in the market to work with. This includes buyers, independent sellers, newly married or divorced couples, and old or expired listings, just to name a few.

Divorce Prospecting Letter

Divorce is not something anyone wants to address, but the reality is that it requires big life changes. You can help make this time of struggle a lot easier and bring some peace and ease to the transition.


Dear (name),

This letter comes with my sincerest apologies for your divorce; I know that this time can be filled with uncertainty and strife. However, since you do need to address the issue of what to do with your old home and where you will live now, I can offer you my assistance to make the transition process as easy and painless as possible.


Many people in this situation have questions about what the specifics look like, such as:

·         What will happen to my current house?

·         How will a divorce affect my credit rating?

·         Can I buy a home without first closing out my current mortgage?

·         Why should I work with one company over another?


We can answer these and many more questions. I am available to meet for coffee (day/time/place). During this time, I can also bring a comparative market analysis along with me so that we can get in the best financial mindset possible.


You have my word that I will handle all proceedings with the utmost tact and respect. You deserve to start fresh as positively as possible.

Stale or Expired Listing

It is normal in any market for certain types of homes to take a little longer to sell. When people get discouraged, they might just sit in their situation without moving forward because they don’t know how to move forward or what next steps to take. Here is where you can help.


Dear (name),
You might think that having your home still on the market is a thorn in your side, but I have good news for you! I am experienced in getting homes just like yours sold for full market value, and there are plenty of people buying and selling in your neighborhood.


I would love to meet so we can get all the information on the table and this sale can go right the second time around. I’m sure you’ve received plenty of messages from agents saying that they know why your home didn’t sell or that they have a plan. However, how many of these agents presented you with a concrete plan? As soon as you say the word, I’ll begin putting my plan on paper and will bring it to our first meeting, including previous success stories (of mine) in situations like yours.


Any conversation with me is free of hassle, obligation, or pressure. If you’d like to chat with a few beginning questions before we meet in person, feel free to shoot me an email, text, or give me a call at any time.

New Agent in the Area

As a new agent in any area, your first and foremost goal is to make a name for yourself. This name should be associated with honesty, integrity, hard work, and accessibility.


Dear (name),

The first thing you thought when you received this letter in the mail was probably, “Who sends individual letters these days when social media and email marketing are so much easier?” The answer is that sometimes easier isn’t always better. A personal touch like a letter is just one of the ways I will go above and beyond to help you achieve the purchase or sale of your dreams.


I believe that with significant change comes significant opportunity. Last year, I (moved to the area/joined the XYZ brokerage team) after (x years of experience). I bring (XYZ) skills and experience to this area and I look forward to sharing them with you.


A personal real estate agent can help you answer any questions that might come up with honesty. I have full access to all listings and properties at any time. Once we are connected, I have a financial and social obligation to work for you and will work toward these needs harder than any other agent in the area. I will prove all of these to you.


I am available to meet at (local place) to buy you a cup of coffee and discuss the market and the available opportunities for your situation. I look forward to making a connection that will benefit you for years to come.

Letter for a Home in Danger of Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a word that people never want to hear. It brings about a whole host of emotions and stressful timing. You can be the bright spot during a hard time.


Dear (name),

The economic recession of the last few years has been a struggle for everyone, especially people looking to buy or sell a home. If you or anyone you know have heard the word “foreclosure,” I want you to know that there are many other options that the majority of people might not know are available.


Many agents have a specialty and mine is saving homes and families from foreclosure. If you are underwater, I would love to earn your business and save your home.


One option is a short sale, in which all parties (the seller, the real estate agent, and the financing institution) work together and come up with an agreement to sell at current market value. Although this price is usually below the balance on the mortgage, the overhead and risk are taken away from the lender’s portfolio and the homeowner is not drowning in an underwater mortgage. It’s basically a compromise on the seller’s and the lender’s terms.


I will be able to help you through this process and make it as easy and stress-free as possible. I’d be happy to buy you a cup of coffee (time/date/place) and help get the process started so you can be free of what is hanging over your head.

For Sale by Owner Solicitation

Many people feel that selling a home on their own will save them a large amount of money; however, the amount of stress that can come with selling a home on your own is often not worth the amount saved. You can offer your services in other ways that might turn them toward using you for this sale or passing on your information to another potential client.


Dear (name),

I was in the area previewing some other homes when I noticed that you are selling your home on your own. There are many reasons why someone would choose to do this, and the decision comes with my ultimate respect.


I would like to offer you a free analysis of homes in your neighborhood so that you can have all the information you need; you might even be able to list your home for more than you are currently asking for!


The real estate process can be stressful and complex. The connections I have through the business can help you through, even if you decide to continue selling your home on your own. You can also call me if and when you have interested buyers and I can help get you connected with the necessary parties.


When I bring by your neighborhood analysis I can also deliver an “FSBO Help Packet” with resources and advice on selling your home on your own. In the meantime, my website (insert site) has some great tips as well.

Prospecting Letter for a Buyer

Many people don’t realize they would be interested in selling their home until a buyer with the right offer comes around.


Dear (name),

My name is (XYZ) and I am seriously interested in purchasing a home in your neighborhood. Your location has a highly rated school for our children and is also only a short distance away from our jobs at (XXX and YYY). On our must-have list are (name a few qualities of the house your clients are trying to buy).


To make the process easier we have secured the help of (your name or agency information). (Your name) has provided us with the details of this process and will also help you in the sale, making it quick and easy. You can contact them at (provide contact information). We are prepared with a deposit as soon as you are ready.


If you are not in the market to sell (even if the price is above what you would think!) but you know someone who is, feel free to send them our information. We would appreciate any help you could give so that we can achieve our dream of owning a home in this location.

Stale or Expired Luxury Listing

Although many agents think that luxury properties are the way to go, they can be difficult to sell as they have a very small niche of buyers. You can make this your specialty!


Dear (name),

Selling a luxury home is an amazing opportunity for all involved, but the exact right buyer has to come along, and this often isn’t easy to procure. As an experienced real estate agent, I have developed a marketing program specifically for luxury homes. This program will lead to a full-price offer on your home and I will make it as easy as possible.


The following five questions will help you begin thinking about what needs to be done to sell your home at a price you are satisfied with.


·         Is your home listed in nationwide luxury media publications?

·         Is your home being shown in international markets?

·         Is Big Data being used to target online direct buyers?

·         Does your home have an individual website with mobile responsiveness?

·         Have other agents provided you with detailed reporting analyses?


I have solutions for each of these and I would love to have coffee with you to discuss a plan.

Low Inventory Possibilities for Sellers

When the supply and demand options of the real estate market mean that there are not very many homes available, sellers are in a very desirable position. You can be the person to grab on to these possibilities and make them profitable for both the seller and for you as the agent.


Dear (name),

The extended decline in the real estate market over the past years has been hard on everyone; however, our area is finally bouncing back and there are many healthy neighborhoods where buyers are looking for just the right property.


There are many reasons why you should consider selling during this particular time.

·         A quick sale always makes the process less stressful, and if time is money you’ll save plenty!

·         Buyers in a market like this are almost always prequalified, which means you won’t have to go through all the back and forth with someone who can’t truly afford what you are looking to sell for.

·         Buyers in this market are flexible and can move a closing date forward or backward to accommodate your needs as the seller.

·         Last but not least, bringing in many buyers makes them all compete for the highest offer, which can only benefit you as the seller.


I work extensively in this area and know the market trends and histories on a deep level. I am available to meet this week (date/time/place) to discuss how my knowledge and skills can combine with the sales data to get you a price that is sure to amaze. I am confident that my marketing plan will exceed your expectations.


Remember that in all types of communications, no one wants to feel as if they were a part of a mass-produced message. Alter each of these templates to reflect your voice, skills, and the individual flair that you bring to the market. Make yourself memorable and people will remember you.

You have an abundance of skills and expertise as a real estate agent that set you apart from the crowd. However, all of the potential clients out there can only know about these skills if you approach them! Word of mouth is an essential tool in this business and will grow your business exponentially; however, if you are in a market that has slowed down or you need some fresh clients to get that word of mouth moving again, then these prospecting letters will do the trick.