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James M.

Orlando, FL

We've been using LeadOptix for a almost a year now and plan to continue indefintely. We've closed 11 deals so far and have a ton of leads nurturing that will be ready to sell soon. The ROI has been excellent.

Don H.

St. George, UT

I have had the service for a couple of months now. The leads pour in, but they need to be cultivated like any other lead. LeadOptix produces solid leads and their customer support is outstanding. More affordable than most that send you bogus leads.

Allison B.

Allen, TX

I’ve been using LeadOptix for a couple of weeks now. I have got 8 leads and 4 of them are planning to sign with me. Just set an appointment with my most recent lead for Monday. It’s a company that I’m happy with.

Rebecca J.

Ashburn, VA

I was skeptical at first, thinking LeadOptix might just be another real estate lead company that wouldn’t deliver becauce I was duped before. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In less than a week I’ve received 12 leads. The leads are great and I get very excited every time a new lead email comes in.

Alex G.

Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been with LeadOptix for almost half a year now. It has helped me grow my business, network and improve my skills as an agent. I’ve received over 200 leads and closed 8 transactions. The key is making sure to follow up with every lead and build the realtionship. I’m very happy with LeadOptix and my first deal was enough to pay for the service for the next 2 years.

Stewart K.

Rochester, NY

This service has been the best bang for our buck. It’s been the best lead generation service for my team. We count on LeadOptix for multiple closings every quater.

Eric F.

Knoxville, TN

I was just starting out as an agent and didn’t know where to start to build my network. My friend who introduced me to real estate told me to try to LeadOptix. Within 2 months I got my first listing ever and ended up helping them by a new house too. The service has been great and I would recommend it to any agent just starting out.

Becky L.

San Antonio, TX

I can confidently say that claiming my area’s on LeadOptix was the best business decision I’ve made this year. I've been in the industry for the past 6 years and have been very happy with the results. I would reccomend them to anyone looking to expand.

Amy S.

Raleigh, NC

Just started and the leads have been pretty consistent so far. Phone number, address, name, email, and time frame provided. All accurate info to make the first contact. Have my first listing appointment tomorrow. Great experience so far!

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